We will be out of office from 17. August - 02. September. The ordering and download function of the shop is still working as usual of couse during this time. Only orders by payment in advance can be handled not until 03. September. We can't give support in these days.

Song Programme Service

We also program Midifiles after your commission.

For programming we need the song at CD or as a MP3 file.
We reserve the right to ourself to insert the song after completion into our catalogue.
An commission can also become to refuse if the song is not goes with our songlist. The delivery time of the orderd titles is 1 - 2 weeks.

For every title we calculate 85,- EUR + VAT. with a duration up to 4:00 minutes.
For every other minute we calculate an addition of 20,- EUR + VAT. (VAT Add is for EU only)

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